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After Release Updates - Patch 1.3

So, here we are with the last version of the mod. Two years has passed since I started to mod this game version and I can say that I enjoy it very much as I enjoy seen and play the classic game version with the updated models. This version now includes some of the latest models that released with Battle of Azeroth thought due to recent changes that Blizz made to the models system they made it almost impossible to convert them to classic or downport them since they glitch beyond fix. I would like to thank everyone that helped and assist during the mod creation and progress as also testing it before any release was made.

New Additions :

  • For sake of simplicity and after many requests now Balsh Character models are merged with my mod.
  • New world models added
  • Replaced Class Icons in character creation screen with a better and detailed versions
  • Replaced party icons when in not in range to reflect the new modern icons
  • New loading screens added from Battle of Azeroth
  • New character screen race icons from Legion
  • New models added from Battle of Azeroth and Cata
  • Replaced some class weapons models and World drop weapons from Legion, WoD, WotLK (Warrior, Priest, Rogue, Druid, Shaman, Hunter, Warlock)
  • Replaced some weapons models for[Quest:The Argent Hold] from Legion
  • Replaced Shaman Stormstrike spell icon with the one from the current game version
  • Replace Warlock's Fire spells and icons with Cataclysm Fel version of the spell's
  • Replaced "Knight's Colors Tabard" and "Stone Guard's Herald Tabard" from Legion
  • Elemental models are returned to their default models state
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