Custom Map Setup

Hi There :) 

So after few attempts i decided to ask for help here  .

I was editing a existing map of Stormwind area and gave been trying to make it run with private server to test my work  but , 

nothings seems to be working.


 I have created a new MPQ file , i have put in it Noggit Projects " World " folder and then move it to my Client data folder location as an MPQ archive Screen Shoot .

When i log in to a game there is no changes visible at adts that i have added to Patch-4.mpq , is there any serverside modifictaion needed to make Trinity read those changes ?


                                                                                                                                                                   Please help , Thanks :]

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I'm not quit sure, but you could try to write "world" without a capital letter.

You didnt change any of the .dbc right? You've edited a already existing map..that's strange.
If you're testing in-game, you are on the correct map?  As far as I remember right "azeroth" isn't the "alternative" stormwind map. So be sure you are editing the right map, and include the right files into your MPQ.

My last idea would be to copy an existing MPQ, delete everything inside and bring your own files inside.

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