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Increasing Guild Ranks Limitations


I'm working on increasing guild rank limitations, becouse default number of ranks (10) is very annoying and for some our guilds it's simple not enough. In Guild.h i changed: 

GUILD_RANKS_MAX_COUNT               = 10,


GUILD_RANKS_MAX_COUNT               = 20,


It works, but after the server restart, all records in guild_rank DB table are erased and replaced with default 5 ranks. Propably it's becouse of "calculate guild limitations" process on the end of starting worldserver. On TrinityCore github they closed the issue, becouse it's client modifications. So... Dear Model Changing users, do u know, where is the column or value for that limit? :D


Working on latest 3.3.5a TrinityCore. 


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So, now it works fine on the server side, but it's creepy on the client side. UI is still coded for some max rank limit, so... Do u have any idea, where is hidden the lua/xml code for edit this list in guild control?

It's the last, cosmetic step. Ranks work fine, with every functionality as usually. After I solve that cosmetic issue, i will release all of my code changes and cosmetic patch. Maybe it's useful for some RP projects with large RolePlaying guilds (that's the reason why we are modding this). After that modifications, u can have guilds with 30 ranks and more. :) 

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