Alastor Strix'Efuartus

Alastor's Creations [3.3.5][WTS]


To kick things off i want to say that ill be selling my work here that is locked behind paywall due to amount of time iv spend on it and I feel like i should get paid for it or the second case is that im selling work that someone commisioned me to do and if he paid some money for it im willing to sell it for exactly same amount to others as well unless the one who commision the work to me would say otherwise 

To buy the model click on PayPal button it will redirect you to CheckOut Site where you can buy the model after payment is done you will be redirected to Download site



First item is Sylvanas Windrunner model from Heroes of the Storm ported to WoW 

This will be testing phase I will add other models later on when I get this system working correctly

Price of this Commision was 40$Sylvanas 40$= v2vZxka.gifUwgZ1LS.gif






If you have any problems with buying stuff contanct me via PM or DM on my discord "A2#6767"

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