Just wanted to say I'm glad I found this amazing site and Hello!

Hi, I'm from Chile southamerica, I love modding and also Warcraft, I started modding in Elder Scrolls (TES) and I have vary projetcs, even I have created a few mods, this is my nexus site profile (there you can find some mods I've made) , this is about Warcraft and WoW so I will focus on that, modding opens a wide endless spectrum of oportunities, the only limit is imagination (and/or engine..). I have had a lot of fun creating custom maps and small projects on World Editor of Warcraft III. About World of Warcraft I must admit I don't like what happened to that game after WoW vanilla was released, seems the company added so much content, at the end looked as a bunch of things (became too much focused on MMORPG game than in Warcraft lore...), I always was expecting WoW be more realistic like in aspect, aesthetics, modding the game makes it a lot better, I've played WoW vanilla, then a few expas, I tried went back but I just didn't liked, I found the game so simple in gameplay in terms of character creation  and choices, luckily I found WoW Ascension a private server of WoW (, is a class less private server so saying it in other way you can craft your own character class, choose specific skills, attributes, I find very useful this site , because have a lot of potential and it looks as an increasing community, WoW Ascension is for me the true WoW experience I've never played, is quite the WoW as always should had been despite the graphics, but this can be improved modding it or adding patches people made for replace models and textures.

I just wanted to say Hello, I'm happy to I found this site and I want to contribute on it in some way, I have a project on this WoW private server, is based on gameplay, mixing two universes but focused on Warcraft, my main character Stentius was an Imperial on Nirn (Elder Scrolls universe), he figured it out how to open a portal and ended at Azeroth... I will share a loading screen background image I use. I'm constantly modding anything, mostly Warcraft, WoW and TES (even things on my life...) I think a mod phylosophy motto is "you can always improve it"

I attached the background loading screen I use, (The Merchant Series is a story I'm working on), there you can see Stentius Tereno on his faction clothes, the factions is The Dark Legion Cult (have a large story),  on the back there is The Dark Legion Cult banner, also at the left side you can see a portal he opened...

This is first post, I've read the rules, it seems I'm ok with them respect this post, but If not please tell me



Stentius Tereno in WoW.jpg

Edited: I forgot to add the in-game screenshots



World Of Warcraft Screenshot 2019.04.04 -

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Welcome on this forum buddy! I hope you'll find what you are looking for on this website, don't hesitate to post/ask something, the community is friendly. 

Have a good time! 


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