Hiring Model Converter/Fixer



I am working on an undisclosed project that is importing a lot of custom models from various sources, but unfortunately I am not skilled enough in model editing, nor have the time to dedicate towards learning. Due to the large volume of models we have, we need multiple people to assist in the process of importing models. 


This job would include:


Making models that wouldn't otherwise fit into WoW.. fit into WoW,

Fixing issues with models that are not showing up properly/maximizing aesthetic

"lego" building pieces of models together

On the fly creating very basic interiors on models that do not have them

Being able to efficiently  fix/create UV mapping



You must be able to communicate in English, have a Paypal, complete work on a timely manner, and have good communication skills. 



A little about us: 

We are a project with a team around 8-9, and rapidly expanding to fit our development needs. We are trying to create an asian-inspired world, so please do not apply if you do not like eastern culture. Due to the nature of our project, I am temporarily unable to provide further details in a public setting. 


You can always reach me on Discord at: VLad#0001

Thank you.

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