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Chronicles of Ezherya



What is Chronicles of Ezherya?

Its a RPG game project based in WoW 3.3.5a, our idea its to full remake the game following our lore, systems, etc
What we want?
For now we are looking to change the whole look of the game, changing: Interfaces, systems, etc

Project informations:


Ingame ideas:
No classes anymore
Game itself don't have wow classes anymore, player choose how he want to fight, at starting he'll can choose : 2h Weapons, 1h weapons and shield or bow/gun, players have a few skills in their main rotation, fight style changes when swap weapon
Weapons can't be changed while in combat, arenas, battlegrounds and others.



Combat animations, rotations and skills :
With the "No classes" system, we're goin to implement new animations related to different fighting styles.
-When players get in world, at starting on "Introduction quests", he'll get 1 of 3 weapons, with the choose he'll continue the introduction quests unlocking first spells.
-Players can swap weapons and change how they play, all unlocked spells are available on Abilities Book, but to using them they need equip the correct weapon for, if i have a Bow skill, i can't cast it when holding a two hand sword.
-Skills are unlocked by following main quests or learning them with Fighting Masters.
-There will be more fight styles.
-Spells art exist.
-New animations
-Holy and Shadow spells exist.
Much more incomming.

Factions and Families
Families are something very important to our lore, it will exist 8 families in control of the Kingdoms, players will can choose which side he'll follow, each family will have his own main questline, but they'll follow to one questline at ending.

-Each family have they own reputation, players can rep through all families, unlocking new features with all families.
-Reputation are hard.

Player informations


  • Death penalties, when players dies, his soul will appears in Death Reigns, he need do a little questside to reincarnate in Humans Reign, each death apply (Broken Soul), descreasing x% of his total stats by X time.
  • Titles are important, titles are the proof of their significance to the reigns, families, etc
  • Playable race, for now we're thinking it, but the main idea is using a custom Human race, and improve customization system, with new attributes and visual changes.
  • When player choose a family to follow, family title appears above his name
  • The player feels hungry and thirsty
  • Combat generate bleeding, poisoned, etc. Players need unique profession things to remove this status, or they're dead.
  • Much more incomming.

Maps informations


  • As said, game will run in a Standalone version of 3.3.5a, it means we blocked client to read wow patchs, removing them from the game, it goin' to read only our patchs, making it a big descreases in client size.
  • 3 kingdoms: Giants map, with many cities and different zones
  • Kingdoms have connection through them, players can ship to them, it have X mins to reach each kingdom
  • Playable race, for now we're thinking it, but the main idea is using a custom Human race, and improve customization system, with new attributes and visual changes.
  • Usable ships, players can control ships, they have cannon, 1 player drive the ship, other control cannon, ships have collision.
  • Dangerous creatures in middle of ocean.
  • Isles to explorer, treasures to be found.
  • Much more incomming.

Pve/Pvp informations

  • There exist raids and dungeons, battlegrounds and unique arenas (All based in our custom maps/lore)
  • Open PvP. Players can always fight themselves in world, but killing a player will give you bad reputation, when reaching a X of those points, you'll be always attacked in cities and by players, players can kill you without earn bad reputation.
    -Open PvP can be turned on/off.
  • Pve/PvP: Battle ship, while with PvP turned on, players can fight themselves with Ships, or they can fight creatures on ocean
    -While players stand in ship, they get a Health increasing, and damage reduction, players hitted on PvP can survival to fight, damage from cannons are reduced on PvP.
  • Arenas: the main idea for now is, arenas area queued in a npc close to that arena, giants cities will have arenas, when players queue for it, they're summoned to center of that arena to fight themself, other players can watch it, everything is happening in open world.
  • Battlegrounds are similar to WoW, queued and instanced place.
  • Much more incomming.


Items, professions and gold

  • Items are followed by: Quests, drops, professions, we're goin' to use colors to item identify, exemple:
    -Grey: trash
    -Green: Profession Materials
    -Light Blue: Crafted Items
    -Dark Blue: Dropped Items: From Dg/raids/open world
    -Light Green: Quest Items
    and more.
  • Stats: We're goin to focus with only these stats: Power (Old attack power), Weapon damage, Agility, Dodge, Damage Reduction (custom one), and health.
  • Values: All equipment values, are lows, our idea is making at end game, players have something around 10k health (with buffs), but it can be changed in future, lows numbers, better for balancing stuffs
  • Equipment Specialization: That system works based in which type of gear are player using, if he use full leather, he'll get a buff, if he use full plate, different buff, exemple:

    *When 8 parts of gear equipped by leather:*
    -Increases movement speed by 5%.
    -Increases agility by 3%.
    -Increases dodge by 1%.

    *When 8 parts of gear equipped by Plate:*
    -Decreases movement speed by 2%.
    -Increases damage reduction by 5%.
    -Increases Power by 1%.
    -Increases Health by 3%.

    -Profession and gold-
  • Gold has a value, players can hold 100.000, guilds 1.000.000, each 100g can be exchanged to a gold bar, bars are material to many professions, trading with players, etc
  • Professions are important to gameplay.
    -With professions players can earn gold, items, etc
    *Major professions*
    -Armory: Can creates weapons and equipments
    -Alchemy: Creates poisons, flasks, Potions

    *Secondary professions*
    -First aid: Creates Bandage, healing stuffs and buffs
    -Cooking: Creates food, necessary to players living, buffs etc
    -Mining: Farm mines in all zones, required to creating weapons, gears and others
    -Herbalism: Required to first aid and alchemy materials

    -Each profession gives a player some extra buffs.
    -There will be more professions, we're thinking in more.

  • Much more incomming.



  • Client Dev - With Lua/Xml/DBC knowledge, someone that can change everything in WoW interface, etc!
  • Graphic Designer, to develop our custom templates for interfaces files.
    More devs will be recruited when we start working in systems!

For contact pm me here or discord
Discord Link:
Thank you.

All the ideas here, can be changed, its only some ideas that our staff are working on!, some of that project is already done, and others we're working on! Check our discord to see many more ideas, previews and others!

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