Britta III The Halloween Tale

StoryLined Horror Machinima with VoiceActing & PvP Scenes

Britta III The Halloween Tale is a machinima with a very little PvP importance. To be honest, it is more a prequel machinima for Halloween than a true PvP Video. I titled it Britta III because it is my third rogue video.
I wanted to give more variety to my YouTube audience, and I made my best to bring you an handmade crafted video, worth watching. I really hope to read feedbacks on here, or wcm or on my chanel

I'm releasing it here because some contact gave me a link to this website, and I'm really interested in getting advices about editing or stageing etc. to improve for the next projects. I started to write a sequel and I already worked on a prequel that I will release soon (but it will be more a pvp video with some machinima interludes than a machinima), so...

The story is narrated to a group of childrens by a camp monitor during the Hallow's eve. This tale is about a human girl being possessed by a demoniac soul while explorating a temple... This changed the rest of her life..




Length : 00:11:08 | Size : 1080p | Fps : 30 (WCM) & 60 (YT)
Languages : English + Subs : French | English(US) |  Serbian |  German | Russian.

PvP part & Duel rules :
- No engineering (gear/items)
- No mind numbling poison
- No PvE weapons
- Respect some itinerary while dueling, to show the zone
Credits in the video

Thanks you for watching guys

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Good job! Very glad to see a machinima guy here. Hope you will find interest in our community ;)

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indeed o/


almost done with the "sequel"

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