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New to retroporting, where do I start?

Hello, to make things quick, I did see some tutorials but I didn't see any full on guides  for retroporting in general.


Basically, What I want to do is to be able to import Legion Artifacts, Legion armors, BFA Creature Models, Other Updated BFA models(including armors and weapons). I wanted to use all those models, and kind of like make them into sets or something of the sort. However, I don't want the models replacing existing models, I want to add-on to it.  So maybe link me a few guides or links for tools and files, or something of the sort. I dunno

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Hey Leon,

I think you would at least need to get your hands on this first: 



Very good tool. 

However, although I do not know your experience with DBC and M2 files, I would assume you are quite new. My best advice to you would be to start very small at first, and then take on bigger tasks. I think there are some tutorials around, but in my opinion, I think it is good to work easy and not stress yourself with too hard tasks. :) 


Oh and btw, I found this old utube channel:

Try and check some of the videos out, they are old, but they give good insight in retroporting :)


Hope this helps a bit

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