How Can I view any ADT File of WOTLK Maps?

Hey fellow modders! ... Hope you´re all doing great ?!

As the title says, I am in need of exporting ADT Files to import them to blender. My Problem is I dont know (and i cant find a tutorial) how to extract the ADTs from the WoW Client.

My desired map is Azshara´s Crater. My plan is to get rid of all doodads, buildings, texture etc... I just need the terrain/heightmap.

With the WoW Export Tool, its possible to export such maps. But its not working with older clients.....  :(

So....If anyone out there got any help for me I would be more than happy. I will also post his/her name in my upcoming project.....

Or could someone code me such a tool to export ADTs from 3.3.5. ? ......

HELP me please :D

Best wishes

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Thank you for the reply :) .... 

sadly that’s the tool I mentioned above. Azshara crater is not anymore in the gamefiles. :/ 

i need such tool for 3.3.5 or below :) 

if anyone could provide me the map as obj or any useful file I’m willing to pay 50$ 🙏

maybe I will try to hire a programmer lol

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For anyone having issues finding the actual files.

I can confirm Azshara is still in the gamefiles... The name of the ADTs is just different to the old ones. :)

For more insight just massage me.

Now it starts the crazy modelling of all buildings by my self with major improvements.

Happy Modding guys!

And thanks again to @Alastor Strix'Efuartus

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