Azshara's Model Attachments and Animations

So, Azshara's model from the BfA expansion comes in two parts - the main body, and the hair. They both share the same animations (Death, Run, Stand etc.), yet are two separate entities. Attaching this model to Azshara through a spell would result in it only using the 'Stand' animation, so it wouldn't reflect the positioning when the main body was doing anything other than that animation. Does anyone know how Blizzard handled this in the actual game, and if that can be replicated in a Wrath of the Lich King expansion environment? I'm thinking either Blizzard have a way of mimicking animations that they're attached to (which would mean it's probably something that can only be replicated in BfA onwards), or that they created a separate NPC entity that's just the hair which existed underneath Azshara's main model.

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