Need some help regarding WMO formats

I have noticed while doing some hex editing that Battle for Azeroth made some changes to the formatting in WMO model files. I am currently making a patch to remove objects that are baked into these WMO files, such as tables, food and whatnot on the garrison inn, and magic items on the garrison mage tower. I have been using a guide from someone who did this before me, but they seem to have stopped logging on; however the guide follows the steps for the Legion format. I found a workaround to this by using the Legion version of the files which the BFA client can still read just fine; however this workaround no longer functions when the WMO file in question was not present in Legion. I would need help with one of two things; learning how to do what I've been doing on the new BFA formatting or downporting the BFA WMO file into the Legion format; either would be fine.

Thanks in advance.

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