Use Corpses as a Reagent

So, bit of a big ask here, but the final touch for my Necromancer class is - obviously - to raise the actual dead.

Currently, my minions are just summoned entities. However, I was wondering if anyone had the secrets to raising the dead good and proper, so for example only having the spell work if a corpse is targeted. I had a look at the Death Knight spell, Raise Ghoul, but trying to replicate that only allows me to use the spell once before it becomes permanently un-clickable (even with the correct attribute flag that starts the CD after the summoned minion disappears removed). On top of this, I'd want the corpse to become unusable afterwards (in the same way Corpse Explosion doesn't explode a corpse twice kinda thing), otherwise the player could just continuously raise an army from one singular corpse.

Basically, I know it's a pretty hefty ask, but if anyone has any pointers on making this work (preferably using Spell.dbc, but am open to serverside mods as well), I'd be much appreciated. 

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