LF someone who can create a 'Raise Dead' spell

So basically, I am looking for someone with the expertise in Spell editing who can create a functioning Raise Dead spell, and by this I mean:

- Using nearby (preferably beast, humanoid or undead only) corpses as reagents in summoning spells for undead creatures.
- Making the corpse unusable for raising more undead minions after being used once. This can be achieved by either despawning the model, or making it unusable in the same way 'Corpse Explosion' doesn't blow up the same corpse twice. Whatever is easiest.

I will provide the Spell.dbc, as my one is highly edited as it is and I wish to preserve these edits. I will also give you pointers on what NPC I want summoned by using their Creature_Template ID and name. 

Overall, I am looking to offer $15 for worthwhile advice, or $30 (translated from British Pounds) for someone to do it themselves on my behalf (using my DBCs and any other client/server information they may need). Payment methods can be discussed before any work is committed.



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