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[Help] How can I implement a CDN for MPQ files (4.3.4) ?

Hello everyone, first post here.

so I've seen this post

And I'm wondering If I could do the same with MPQ files for WoW Cataclysm?

I know (Apollo-WoW) have done it, so I know it's possible.

Anyone has ideas on how can I start this?


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Thank you for replying!

However, I've setup my own cataclysm client and server ( and it still works (it is still downloading in the background), so I think this is different from what you are describing.


After a bit of research, I've discovered that there is a file: WoW.mfil that describes the server that they are using:


So they are using limelight (after googling it turns out to be a cdn)

and they have these addresses:



when you add manifest_partial to the first address you get this:

If you click on that link you'll actually find a document containing the paths, sizes, locales of the all MPQ files needed by the client.

it seems that this manifest_partial tells the client where to download these files.

We can actually append the path of the MPQ files to the address and get the file like so:

Downloading world.MPQ for example:


So how are they setting up their server? Is it simply serving this document on the manfiest_partial endpoint and hosting the MPQ files?

This seems too good to be true.


Again, If anyone got any ideas please share!


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They use a CDN to delvier the mpqs via a 3rd party application. This is a whole other thing than streaming files into WoW. 
CDN stands for content delivery network. Which basically only means its a system that allows you to download content. This content can be anything from images to mpqs to other file types. 
As far as I know the streaming files to client functionallity of MPQ's whas never implemented in the client of wow so you cannot use it . Streaming is one of the key benefits of modern wow file distribution. MPQ is just awfully old peace of technology.

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