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Hi everyone, a few years back I managed to retroport, Cataclysm Azeroth and Kalimdor, along with MOP, Draenor Maps working with MMAPS, Vmaps, so NPC will not sink underground and  could "see" buildings and objects.     Problem is that all that work is buried in an old 2017 compile.    I compiled a fresh server a month ago, and cant get  to reproduce the same results.    I used this amazing tutorial by Amaroth.

I gotten as far as getting MAPs working so NPCs understand how the custom terrain is = meaning they don't fall through the ground., main issue is I cannot extract Vmaps, MMAPS and building files because i get a crash on the extractors.  (image shows error).


Any tips on how to appoach this?   In my previous work on 2017 I managed to retroporting all questing zones from Cata and some from MOP, to have the whole questing experience from Cata and MOP on WOTLK. (with some obvious changes).




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