BfA to Legion Retroporting

Hey guys,

I have a big question: is retroporting m2 from BfA to Legion 7.3.5 possible and if so - how?
I've tried multiple things by now, converting BfA to WotLK and then up to Legion, using BfA Alpha Versions, which are quite similar to the build structure of Legion, converting from BfA to WotLK to WoD and then to Legion, using multiple converters and scripts. Nothing seems to work properly. I've tried it with multiple GameObject-M2 (just to make sure I don't have anything messing up with animations) but it's either invisible with weird collision or it just kicks you off the server if you're near or it's just... nothing at all.

I'm kinda at my wits end and before I start working on my own converter I would like to ask if anyone has any idea, hint or maybe an already working script/program to give me a hand. I would really appreciate it.


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