Race swap ingame camera height & character creation screen issue

My 3.3.5 Male Gnome to Female Troll swap mostly works... Except for these two issues:


1. The ingame camera is still at gnome height. I've examined a few example swaps but I can't find where the value I need to change is, and the guide I used does not cover it. Any help?

2. Because the floor on the Gnome character creation screen is so high, I cannot see my troll's face to customize it. This makes troubleshooting difficult (I cannot discern why my troll's eyes are solid blue ingame). I've downloaded a few creation screen mods from the download section here, but none of them work with my 3.3.5 install. I've found the models themselves but don't know how to implement them. I assume it must be different than just dumping it in my data folders like the others.

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Camera Height is given in part by the model(m2) and in part for the numeric data in  CREATUREMODELDATA.DBC corresponding to the entry for the original Gnome model.

so basically you would need to edit the DBC file in order to fix that part, but im not sure if it will work because the client and the server both would need that dbc correction.

I would copy the female troll entry and paste it with the gnome male entry number.   keep the gnome entry intact, just add 000 to the entry number and you would have it there for reference or to restore ir if this does'nt work.


something that might help you see the character face could be changing the game screen resolution to a not wide screen setting, like 800x600 , 720x576, 1280x960 as the screen is going to be "taller" and you should be able yo see the characters face


i hope someone more capable might be able to guide you on this.  good luck buddy.

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