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[WTS] Bundle of Scripts for ELUNA/AIO

Selling individual or all scripts, legion talents, classless system, attributes/upgrade system. if you have any interested PM me

If you buy bundle of type 1 scripts you get 50$ discount.

if you buy bundle of type 2 scripts you get 35$ discount


My discord for contact 


I Have 2 types of the same scripts

Type 1 - Scripts with MYSQL integration and more "noob friendly version" where you can edit everything trought mysql with easy steps

Type 2 - Scripts without MYSQL integration that give more freedon if you're a developer and want to mess arround with stuff.


Here are the prices, you may think its expensive but i paid a lot to have those scripts run well and be optmized 

Type 1 Scripts Prices

- 200$ for the Classless system with included classes (warrior, warlock ,paladin , rogue, druid ,hunter, mage , priest , shaman)

Includes all the code + Mysql tables alredy filled up with all data 

Easier do read code for newbies on scripting

- 200$ for the Attribute system (path of exile style)

This one contains the database with all the information and filled up with data

You can decide what spells are needed to upgrade your path, you can design your own path for players, unlimited amount of possibilities in this script if you know what you're doing



Type 2 Scripts Prices

- 100$ for the classless system, contains everything form the first one except the database work, the script runs directly and purely on the .lua files

- 100$ for the attribute system, same deal as the classless, contains everything except the database work and the scripts runs only on the .lua files


The talent tree (legion like script)

Type 1 Costs 50$ for the mysql version

Type 2 Costs 35$ for the non mysql version

Video on youtube VIDEO LINK






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