Giving Away Conquest of Azeroth (Massive Custom Server w/ 22 Custom Classes + More)

Hi guys, I want to leave modding and am looking for a new owner for my 4+ year project Conquest of Azeroth. The main gist is that it's a custom class server, with all completely new classes that have been built from the ground up with custom mechanics and resources etc. But there are a ton of additional features now too.

Server Discord:

I don't want to necessarily see the project die, but if I can't find someone who genuinely wants to run the server going forward all the project data will just be deleted.


Contact me on Discord Liquid Outerspace#0082 if you are interested.


The server has many features, some of which are only partially implemented:

Fully Implemented Features:

22 Custom Classes


All Zones Scale to Player Level


Every Single Item Replaced With New Items Generated By An Algorithm


Campaign System (Pick a custom starting area for unqiue abilities)


Custom Resource Bars


Town Raid System

Backported Items

Augment System (Randomly Generated Class Passives)


'Spell Shop' System


Dualclassing System

Battlefield System (Player armies + field battles)


Minion Battles (Like pet battles)

Many More


Partially Implemented Features:

Full South Seas Map (Nearly finished but lacking any NPCs)



World Event System

Rift System (RNG Dungeons)

Some other shit im sure

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woaw  omg  this is the best project  i ever see in my entire  life about wow, jesus... so  awesome everything, blizzard should  learn from you  the design of the  game or ask you  before do a new expansion, imagine you  charm me from images   and i think if i play  i would be so happy to see and siscover everything  you have done.

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iirc I played I tested something like this a long time ago. I don't remember if it was Conquest of Azeroth but I am sure something like this and it was amazing.
Please if you can't find a Developer or a new Owner, DO NOT Delete such a Masterpiece! Go Open Source with it! You would contribute a HUGE thing into
the Community from which other Developers can get motivation, code samples & Inspiration! Do not let so many custom classes die!

I wish you all the best, too bad to you are going to close the Project for yourself. Best of Luck with you Future & again: This is a MASTERPIECE! ❤️

€dit: Just saw the "Witch Hunter" Class, it was CoA which I tested and it was hella fun. The Witchhunter Class was very nicely designed!

Best Regards,

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