Vmaps Mmaps for custom Maps.

Hi there, I have MOP, Draenor, Broken Isles and other maps, I would like to have working Mmaps and Vmaps, I have TC extractors, or you can do it with Biggie or another way.  This is of course paid work , for however wants to take this job.   I can pay in PayPal or Western Union.     Thanks!   rolando.peralta123@gmail.com is my email, in case I do t see the message here.   


If i get them fixes, i can share here, all the maps I have :)

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I there Alastor, back in 2017 i did it myself, and after many attemps I got it working. (it gave me many errors) with corrupted data instead of the maps.   I followed this guide

However since last year I have been trying to repeat the process with a new core, wit no luck.   So yea I need help and I am willing to pay for it.

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