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Environment and city textures. Author Finsternis

The current patch changes the textures of buildings, roads and other things to more beautiful ones.

Patch autor - Finsternis.

Tileset V 0.96 ( for version 3.3.5a)

p.s. The trees in the screenshots are not included in this mod, this is from another patch from another author. 

The patch does not touch the textures of water, lava and the like.

Also the author had patches for version 2.4.3 and 1.12.1 but I did not download them because I don’t play these versions.


Screenshots of this patch. Not all locations in the game are shown, but the patch changes absolutely everything that is possible.








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using I was able to get the link to the files for the TBC(2.4.3) and Classic(1.12.1) version

Hold if you need it Tileset bc v 1.6.2


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