[Free Release] All my work for 6 years on the my server

Sorry I don't know much English

It's been exactly 5 years since I completely abandoned Wow, I want to share my developments with the rest of the community.

I present you the entire server. There is a lot of customization of the client on the server.


- custom artifact system (each class has 10 new artefact spells)

- Spell visual effect 5.4.8, full spells 5.4.8

- custom items

- custom quest

- donat system

- a lot of custom changes in the core

- ~150+ mounts legion, wod, mop,cata..

- lots of new custom spells

- new mechanics upgrade items

- Full legion artefacts

- FFAPVP new system (The Tiger's Peak maps)


I don't remember much anymore


new zones are populated by NPCs, there are sounds, effects, spells, aura, loot, achivement - Blizz DB

A lot of work has been done


Mogushan Palace
Throne of the Four Winds


Well of Eternity
Halls of Origination
Lost City of the Tol'vir
The Vortex Pinnacle
The Maelstrom


Twin Peaks
Temple of Kotmogu
The Battle for Gilneas


Tol'viron Arena
The Tiger's Peak


The problem is that everything was done for a ru-ru client!

Short translation instructions in en-us

0. DBC only patch ru-ru-9

1. DBC ru-ru  to SQL, DBC en-us to SQL

2. then we do localization with sql queries

3. sql to dbc

4. LUA

through CSV, you will 100% break dbc. NO CSV!

If you're a noob, don't try. You can say this is a defense against incompetence.


- DB dumps

- dbc, maps, mmaps, vmaps

- source core

- win bin core

- configs

- listfiles MPQ



Client patch:

if you want to test, I advise you to download client the Russian ru-RU locale!

WoW 3.3.5.torrent



.go 1718 1336 87 1135 - Start zone
.go -10715 437 24 1136 - Duel zone
.go 567 629 380 1012 - ffa zone


.go -35,1185 -227,834 118,353 720 - Firelands
.go 3869,44 1550,44 362,199 1008 - Mogushan Palace
.go -406,4149 1005,203 313,208 754 - Throne of the Four Winds


.go 3452,16 -4804,71 189,814 939 - Well of Eternity
.go -480,634 174,444 79,8227 644 - Halls of Origination
.go -10982,4 -1385,79 35,6841 755 - Lost City of the Tol'vir
.go -719,587 4,32986 635,756 657 - The Vortex Pinnacle
.go 842,956 1047,26 -7,20094 730 - The Maelstrom (not sure what works)


.go 1878,67 -17,7621 45,3377 726 - Twin Peaks
.go 1718 1336 87 998 - Temple of Kotmogu
.go 1164 1000 95 761 - The Battle for Gilneas


.go -10715 437 24 980 - Tol'viron Arena
.go 567 629 380 1134  - The Tiger's Peak








My Telegram: @desed

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thank's for the share, it's possible to translate for us version ?

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So he release all his work free and you want him to translate it to you too ??

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