Tabard texturing


I wanna make a tabard that would not have anything on the chest, but would only have the bottom part (like Arthas and Illidan have, for example). In order to figure out what should and what shouldn't be on the blp, I created one and added some numbered lines. Here is the texture:


And the screenshots:





Keep in mind I only used the Chest_TL.blp, so it looks like the very bottom part of the tabard (one that is missing on the screenshots) is from the Chest_TU.blp.

Anyway, even having such a useful texture with numbers and letters, I'm still really stupid and I don't understand how to achieve my goal. Please help.

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UV map for 3D parts of tabard. Both front and back side have the same UV map. That explains why you have just that 2 and 3 section there (mirrored). So basically, if you want to have no part on chest, you need to just draw part I sent you. I'm afraid it will be still visible on back (EDIT: side) of character though, so you will likely have to hide it under cloak or something like that. And I simply doubt there is anything you can do about it without editing actual character models.


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