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Adding WMO's / M2's


Hey there,

idk how to import wmos or m2s... saw some tutorials where would be working fine i guess but i never can try them... every tutorial say i need to edit "noggit.conf" - i have noggitQT and there is NO noggit.conf! so idk how to tell the dumb program where the log from my wow modelviewer is... i tried some other noggit versions but its like they ignoring the noggit.conf if they have one... i tried too the latest version from noggit (downloaded from discord) but here too, no noggit.conf.....


so how the ... is it possible to import a wmo? Im really frustrated right now -.-

Edit: Found out how... before u choose a destination upper left is a text "noggit" click on it, then settings, save the path... im too lang awake i guess oO

best regards


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