Skarn's Workshop (Minimaps, Heightmaps, Alphamaps etc)

Hey. I am currently offering a few rare and unique modding services in exchange for a fee (PayPal  or direct transfer (Russia only)). 

1. Minimaps
I will be able to make good quality minimaps for any custom map you provide. Unlike to publicly available solutions, you will get absolutely seamless pixel perfect images, water / lava and other liquid rendering and WMOs and consistent lighting. Optionally certain WMOs can be hidden and certain M2s can be rendered as well. md5translate.trs is also included.






(Example of minimap).

15$ - per map.

30$ - per map if manual M2/WMO filtering settings are required.

55$ - lifetime access, unlimited number of minimap renders.


2. Terrain work

I can provide rapid terrain generation (Vanilla WoW - TBC style) based on your needs. Fast alpha map export / import services, height map export and import.  Pricing will be discussed individually.


Please DM on Discord (Skarn#6841) or here.

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Skarn has helped me on a couple things in the past. Exporting heightmaps as well as generating minimaps for my project. Would recommend.

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