Difference WMV & WoW.exe?

Dear modders,

I have come across a small problem while converting content and to fix a problem one must understand the issue. But I cant seem to find a clue on what is different.


When loading models in Wow Model Viewer, they appear to work flawlessly.
Most models work flawlessly ingame aswell.

When WMV starts, it clearly asks if u want to load wow , wich is the exact same wow as i'm testing the models with. Now what is different between the wow client & wmv? 64 bit?

The problem

Now when configuring everything in the dbc etc, the model loads ingame and sometimes causes the character to freeze & is completly invisible,
or otherwise causes wow.exe to crash.
wich in both cases , the model doenst appear correctly.


Now I tryed to convert my wow.exe to use more Ram(LAR)than the standard 4g, this only made it so that my wow uses all of my 16gig ram & causes my pc to freeze. So i have to force sign out to exit this state.

Have tryed using different version of wow, wich in all cases led to no solution.


Does anybody have any idea what the difference might be? Or the solution for ingame?

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Just now, Alastor Strix'Efuartus said:

your model is broken thats all 

Yeah that's what i'm assuming aswell, but why does it load in model viewer whitout any issues and doesnt ingame? I dont get the link between them, what does WMV do different than wow.exe?


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1 minute ago, Alastor Strix'Efuartus said:

Because wow model viewer is loading only certain parts of it or has simply fail safes in code that does not crashes like wow

I see, I was assuming that if wow has the m2 right, that parts wich werent properly loading would appear green.

So for models that are loading correctly in Model viewer, than the issue would be the layers that we dont see?
Because most models that have this issue, are more "advanced" models.



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5 minutes ago, Alastor Strix'Efuartus said:

green texture just mean missing blp file

also that mount is propably just incorrectly downported you must have some bongus data in it

Thanks, any hint on how I can retrieve this bonus data or where I can find a link to it?

Because these "advanced" models load in WMV and I was looking if it states somewhere wich layers that arent loading properly.

also thanks for ur time, love ur work :)




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