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Adding a new mount spell problem

Hello guys i need some help here.
I tried to make a new mount spell 
So i cloned with spell editor program the polar bear mount spell.
I changed the info and added a new creature in Creature _template to make it a mount with id 1000964 as seen in picture.
I added it in Misc Value A and export the edited spell.dbc file
then i added the all spell.dbc files in core dbc folder and in mpq patch.
the problem is that when i log in and learn the spells when i cast them, i become invisible even though in my mount section of my interface the mount is showing correctly.



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I'm not entirely sure, but the problem might lie at the high creature entry ID. Try using a normal entry ID, such as 81,001. If that doesn't fix it, test whether the display ID of your mount works by replacing an existing mount creature's display ID with your desired display ID.

Now if both of these options don't solve your issue, copy an existing mount from creature_template and simply replace the display ID.

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