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Recolour an armor set from shadowlands

Hi everyone!

Many years ago I did wow model editing, and want to get back to it. But have almost forgot how to do it properly, So I will have to learn it again  from the beginning :)

My question, is it possible to model edit items from WoW shadowlands? I really wanna recolor the elite pvp set (plate)

another question,  if I wanna use this new model edit of the armor set. Is there any way I can extract the mod file onto my wow 1.12.1 or 3.3.5 private server?

Looking forward to hear from you! :D

best regards,



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Hey, in case you still wonder how to go about this, I went through how the WoW modding works in general here:

It's really just a theoretical introduction, but should outline how things work in general and give you the required basics of what to look for next. If you want to recolor items, you will need to find their BLP texture filex by using WMV and/or their Item DBC files, and you will need to be able to make your own custom MPQ patch, and distribute it to your players. Best of luck!

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