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WTB Custom 3.3.5 Repack

Want to buy:
repack 3.3.5 (New one or Modification to mine)
Races, without Racials:

Must be able to wear correctly armor(helmet I don't care)
Alliance side:
extra race-Worgen (without transformation)(starting in the Human area)
Lightforge drainei (replacing the original)

Horde side:
extra race-Vulpera (starting in orc area)
Void elf (replacing undead)

In case of Editing the existing:

Providing Source code and database to be edited, so you don't start from scratch

⚠️Super logical prices, ( i am not a millionaire)⚠️
No stolen work from other authors. 

Proof that everything is working correctly

⚠️Amateur here, strict personal use, no plans for any business professional use.⚠️

Send me a message for contact information and discord

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