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WoW to UE4 showcase (Extreme Waste of Time)

Hello guys,

I've been lurking around here for some time and admiring the dedication and passion you've all put into such a great game and thought that I should share some accomplishments of my own. Albeit these aren't done within the game but rather in Unreal Engine using assets from retail, tbc classic, and my own WOTLK client. Hopefully this being done outside of the game doesn't go against any rules but either way I just wanted to show it off.

This was all made possible by the following tools:

WoW Model Viewer


WoW Tools

noggit (just to  fly around maps and check if things look right without having to boot up my server)

This is an extremely long explanation for how I've wasted so much time on something so pointless:

WoW Tools(which is being abandoned soon) is able to export everything within WoW retail and classic without animations or bones(models, textures, audio, video and map chunks with alphamaps and correct WMO, M2[with collision] and Foliage placements ). Anything that is animated is instead exported from WoW Model Viewer into blender where floating vertices are deleted along with other cleanups to models and then exported as an fbx file which is imported into UE4 at 1.8 scale (to somewhat fit the scale of UE4's mannequins). Anything that is not exportable by WoW Model Viewer is ripped through WoW Tools and imported into UE4 at .87 scale (to somewhat fit the scale of models in game relative to the aforementioned model ripped from WMV). This is able to cover any rips involving characters, creatures, WMOs, and M2s along with their animations.

For landscape chunks exported from WoW tools they are imported into Blender where the origin is set to the +x +y corner of the chunk and moved to the origin and exported again as an fbx file at 1.0 scale. This is then imported into UE4 at .87 scale and positioned at the origin. A new landscape is created using a plugin available in the UE marketplace which is able to create landscapes using fbx files at 90 scale on the x and y axis. This is then moved to the origin of the world and scaled along the Z axis until it fits well enough with the landscape's fbx model. This newly created landscape is then selected using UE4's landscape mode. under the sculpt tab in landscape mode push copy and then push 'Fit Gizmo to Selected Regions' and then set the gizmo's width and height to 46000. Move the gizmo to the origin and increase its positioning on the x and y axis by increments of 46000 until it is at the location where it can be rotated 270 degrees on the Z axis(for the world to point 'north' on the world composition window) and then pasted to form large landscapes like the Teldrassil map I made in the attached files.

The world composition landscapes used to paste these chunks should be scaled to x100,y100,z500 in order to fit the massive height difference caused by Mt.Hyjal as well as to fit the scale of all other maps.

Now with this extreme level of autism involved you may be wondering why the fuck did I do this? IDK.

are things correctly to scale? probably.

was it worth it? no. but I was able to dick around with creating basic character customization, UI, and the ability to walk around in WoW in a newer engine.

should you do this? fuck no.

This post was made with a throwaway account so I may not respond to any of you. Just thought I'd share something with you guys as you've all shared so many incredible accomplishments yourselves. I never though an MMO from the early 2000s would have such an impressive modding community. Hopefully I've contributed a bit back.



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Damn dude, this is really cool! 

I can only imagine how aids this must have been xD

Kudos tho! : )

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