Alastor Strix'Efuartus

The Goal of All Life is Death

This Machinima is my upcomming story about Alexstrasza and her Death which is going to be main plot of story 



Plot so far ...

When was Deathwing defeated all aspects lost their immortality, they still lived, but however they were mortals now. Which was opportunity for a long time waiting evil, that strikes from dark place called the Void. Who is behind this attack and why would they wantthe lifebinder dead are questions, that their answers never come, because is too late for the queen of dragons. She dies, buteventually death is only beginning of next path, we have to walk a next step in our existence. 


For now is project in its very start so i have no such conted to place here but i keep you informed about progress 

first thing i want to do is now logo for project ( + gathering models that i want to use ) 

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The Witness of Death

 ( Sub-Story - Prolog )

Sylvanas standing on the top of Ice Crown Citadel, just a  few moments after Lich King's demise. She Stands there looking down and thinking about what will come next. Her vengeance was fulfilled and hatred is gone, now last thing she can thought about is end of life her own life.

The end was coming or it was just a beginning ?




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