[Request] - documentation for CreatureModelData.dbc
I'm currently working on tool capable of adding records to DBC's CSV versions (I am not that far to work directly with DBC, I will take a look at that later). I have already gameobject displayID (and template gameobject with that displayID) generator. Now I want to work on creature models. I will need to work with:





And here comes my problem, with the last DBC. I am simply not sure what are some (in fact most of) fields in it for, or how the hell they work. SizeClass, ModelScale, Footprints and in fact most of other following fields. Can someone who really does understand this DBC take some time and fill me up with as many details as possible? And please, guys, no theories. If you want to be smartasses and say things you don't have confirmed and are just assuming by taking look at page I linked, save both your and my time, I need real confirmed information from people who are really experienced with this and have tryed something I probably haven't before on their own. This DBC is kinda weird, because for example ModelScale seems to be absolutely ignored and values in collision boxes and so on seem to be absolutely useless as well to me, because leaving them blank just... never seemed to hurt anything. In fact, one of few fields I have ever needed to really use was path to model, obviously, but the rest just seem to not be used or can be set in different DBCs. Just strange.

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