Help! I am restarting Classic WoW Modding from the beginning. I want to make a high quality Dungeon for the community; is there a tutorial?

Hello I want to learn how to completely make more dungeons in Classic WoW and eventually share them to the public when they are finished.

Although the last time I did anything in WoW world editing-wise I didn't compile my server and the whole thing exploded - (I think, I cannot remember fully but I messed up server side from not know what the hell I was doing properly).

Anyway I have got the WoW modding hankering once again and now my sights are shifted towards learning how to make fun content for WoW (It is something up my alley that I can learn and build my skill set upon for I cant really go to college or university for the next three or so years) while also giving something interesting to write about on a blog that I want to do about this big content blueprint for a 'Super Classic World of Warcraft' (Classic World of Warcraft with more content for all levels).

So here is my point: I really suck at using Noggit and the Server Side tools necessary for really creating large scale modifications to Classic World of Warcraft, although I realize that I just need to learn these tools properly and then I can start building in a large scale without everything exploding due to my lack of proper operating knowledge. I am looking for a way to first learn how to make a new dungeon for World of Warcraft (firstly a Classic WoW dungeon for Duskwood to be specific) that I can eventually go - for example: "Here is a new Duskwood Dungeon that is to the same quality standards as the other Classic WoW dungeons - with quest chains and the like for a Classic WoW server, now have fun!".

Although I have little in the ways of a proper skill set to use in how I can pull this off - although my desire to do so haunts me so - thus I am here asking for help. I have had a lot of false starts where I had to scrap my work and do it all over again due to myself lacking the technical knowledge in order to avoid such destruction of work.

So I am a clean slate once again; most all of what I have done in WoW Modding in the recent past has failed in one way or another and I am now looking for a new direction in which to take - I ask this question to the WoW Modding community: If one were to make a new dungeon for a Classic World of Warcraft server that could be shared to as many people that so desired it once it was completed; how would one complete such a desired, nay such a passionate undertaking - from the first step to the last?

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You can see some of my boss examples on Youtube above, they were all written in Lua using Eluna for TC 3.3.5a. A lot of DBC editing were done for the custom spells and their models/model attachments. There's a lot you can do with a few edits and some code. Perhaps it could be of some inspiration.


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Ah! How does this forum work? I missed these replies too! Well thank you, I have been *pauses* a month late?! Well, I will have to do better in the future XD.

Thank you for the feed back (even though I missed it! X.X) this really helps myself get a direction in which to start.

Thank You Guys!

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