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Which name ?

Which Name ?  

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  1. 1. Which name you like most and which you would liek to see in my maybe upcomming machinima ? ... to be honest i have lot of ideas to do but i lack motivation and even more strength to make them in these days im getting lost because of few recent events that slightly changed my life but yet they changed something that i declared as "matter of course" so its little hard to keep on long running projects before i change my mind and make step to different direction but yet ... i would like to hear what you like or what you would like to see i have here lot of names and each one of them has its own story so i try to short them and explain what they stand for and what you would like to see in action ( for asurance all characters are females )

    • Alastor Strix'efuartus - Formed female Eredar which refused to join Sargeras and even refused to go run away with Velen --> Alastor became after lot of events eternal Void Lord and its rumored that she can be treath to top ranking of Pantheon
    • Alythess Strix'Efuartus - great-great-granddaughter of Alastor that felt in love with another Void Lord called Teridax - her power is about to surpass Kil'jaeden ( she is his granddaughter )
    • Meandreni "Nina" Nurgen - Right hand of Alastor while she was in charge of guild "Sisterhood Stained" on Azeroth in time when Lich King was still alive
    • Varimatra "Valerie" Meanx - Sister of Ossia that used to collect souls of fallen heroes that she killed on her crusades against Argent Crusade - she was specialist on Rune Magic mostly unholy
    • Ossia "Crimson" Meanx - Sister of Varimatra that had same powers and path as her sister with one exception she used to fight in mele along with blood runes instead of magic and unholy runes she was called Amongst "Blue Horned Berserk"
    • Rime Etere Stellearo - Creature made by Titans when they formed Azeroth she was meant to overwatch immortal races like Iron-Stone dwarf/ Iron Vrykuls/etc.. - after attack of Old Gods she had to hide her body into rock somehere deep in undergrouds and now she is about to awake
    • Rhazana "Razh" Mortessa Gamaron A'Ren Demoriel - Blood Elf that accepted soul of Succubus into her body to level where they two became one and she started changing into demon ( in love with Shaza-Kiel [whom accepted Doomguard])
    • Eleanor Grizzled-Pouncer - Worgen that rejected Greyman's leadership and left Gilnes to Nothrend where she encountred Thordal ( Human friend of Alastor )
    • Etein Ümyrdor - Wife of Thordal she was champion of Skorn and known as "Black Flame"
    • Lady Varimatra Zavros Meanx - Demon hunteress that used to work for Alythess
    • Alastriona - Leaded of guards of guild "Dark Brotherhood" formed by Teridax
    • Elyzabeth M. Bathory - Warlock that came to Northrend to fight againts sons of Arugal
    • Yautja Yin'tekai Thwei - Huntress that obtained immortality thru mystics of her clan 800 years ago
    • Kali Magnus Hammer-Smite - Undead warlock that looks for revenge up on those who betrayed her
    • Niadra Carmillia - Rune master that used to work in army of Lordaeron in times when they hunted warlocks of all kind she was wife of Rothas The White Knight before he abandoned her they she left with unbord child of them and dissapeard
    • Adonai Maleficient Charlote - Daughter of Niadra - she became strong Rune master as het mother once was and when her mother died she met with Etein that accepted her and took care of her

Alastor with 4 points ears 1. place and Alythess with Varimatra ( equal ) takes 2. and 3. place so once i get again some line of time ( i guess after 9.9.2016 I can start with some other story telling things 


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