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shadow and texture?


I show you two noggit errors, maybe  someone know how to solve this. On picture one, there is something weird bugg, one chunk looks like turned into shadow cube. I tried to delete shadders, rise low the height everything but it doesn't dissapeared. Then I deleted the whole chunk but the shadow shade still there, lol. And it still appear in game. 

 On the second picture my new noggit can't open texture palette, only open the exinting textures on the local adt-s can't load all the 65 side textures. I used old version of noggit to make my textures but its annoying to use 2 version of noggit. Any idea to fix this? If there isn't a solution for this I can make peace with this method.



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On the first picture I clearly see a lot of bugs with alphamaps. Looks like big apha is beign read as small alpha or vice versa. The shadowy chunk probably got full MCSH on it for some reason. Try looking at those particular chunks within 010 editor.

I have no comments about the second issue. Must be related to file loading.

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