TrinityCore worldserver can't find "TDB_full_world.sql"

I've been trying to install a wow trinitycore server on a dedicated vps I rent and I've run into a few issues along the way, all fixed now tho. But I can't find anything about the latest problem I'm having. When I try to run "worldserver" it's supposed to fill the databases the first time, and it filled all the databases except for one, "World". For the 'world' database to be filled the worldserver needs a file called "TDB_full_world_335.62_2016_10_17.sql" to be located with the worldserver binary. I've placed the file both in the binary and where the binary is located. For some goddamn reason the worldserver can't find the file. I've checked the name and it's exactly the same. I really can't find the problem and I hate it cause I'm really close to being finished.

I'm running the server on Linux Debian v8 on a machine with a dual core CPU and 4 gigs of ram.







Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

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I always fill it into the database manually.
Open mysql console as root or trinity, use world database, and run  "\. /way_to_full_world.sql;"

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