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Removing Alphamapping?

And here I am again. I came across my next problem ToT Alphamapping! I accidentley , or better say experimental clicked on the button and waited for a change in noggit.... buuuuuuut nothing happened! So I thought thats it! There is not going to happen anything, at least if I dont add any alphamaps! So I saved and build for hours and enterd the game and I found my textures with a fashionable zebra-stripe look. Yeah... no I cant keep it like this! Is there any possibility to get rid of alphamapping or this effect? I mean alphamapping is neat an all but I hink its not very useful in a town it self and it was stupid in general to click on it. So my question is: how can I get rid of the Big Alpha map or whateve it is called.

Thanks for help.... (again)



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