Legion Display not working?


I recently moved over to Cataclysm 4.3.4 from WOTLK 3.3.5a and decided to port over the itemdisplayinfo.dbc information (From what I saw it has the exact same layout) so I updated it and ported it in, however... ingame the weapons /items from expansions above 4.3.4 are showing as blue/white checker-ed boxes, just curious as to what is causing it..

ItemDisplayInfo.dbc Line (example) : 3f2542c9f3.png

Could it be the conversion from WOTLK > 4.3.4 causing the problem? does it mean that the m2/skin files have not ported up correctly? When this happened before that they were done incorrectly, the model would cause a client crash however that isn't happening.

I've tried with both the 010 editor script from this website (WLK > Cata) and a file called jM2converter but both have the same box outcome.

Any help would be appreciated, unless the layout of the DBC is different to 3.3.5a when I copied it.. but from what I can see, it was the same.

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I am not sure what exactly the value is for, but my exact same models/textures have the value 9 instead of 7 (shown in the picture).

I am pretty sure 7 is for icon only items, but I am may be wrong.

Worth a try atleast I think.

EDIT: m2/mdx prefix shouln't matter at all btw



This is the weapon you ported, it doesn't work well with 3.3.5a client (I think that is the problem at least), but it shouldn't be a white/blue box...

If changing the value 7 to 9 doesn't work, I suggest trying a different converter. I suggest finding the newest one on this site, and then using the newest version of retail. That worked for me at least. :)

This is what my DBC looks like:


Hope it helped

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Contain all items from 4.X to 6.X including artifacts / Mounts & Pets / Creature Models - GameObject & Spells & WMO will be added when i get time. it's non encrypted and free to use

Lazy Worker Make your life easier importing new things such as model from 7.X it generate SQL as well. it has internal data when you use parse local file so it make it even faster. (did 250 pets in 10 min)

I didn't add yet itemdisplayinfo creation since it's huge work but will do for sure later when i get time.


if you really wish to do it from scratch i suggest you to look at dbc structure wiki


also use Adspartan Multi Converter for conversion it's the fastest and the most working one.

Note : I Really recommend you my community pack since i worked 6 months on it. with all retail ID (expect Artifacts) it has also all working 3D belt effects. PM me if you need anything.

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