WoW Into the Void 9.0


We are in need for developers to make our custom expansion come true, Into the Void
All credits go to GoldenYak.

We are using Trinity Core and 3.3.5 base expansion.

The discovery of a Titan well of power in the Eastern Kingdoms unleashes a cataclysmic peril upon Azeroth, and begins an adventure that will call for the world's mightiest defenders to venture... Into The Void.
Server Info:
- Level cap increased to level 85
- New Playable Race: Ethereals
- 9 New zones
- New Dungeons and Raids

We are looking for some good, experienced and fun staff to work with, what developers we need?
We are looking for:
- Web dev (front end/back end)
- SQL Dev
- C++ Dev
- Art Worker 
- Model Maker / Converter

Discord is samsara#6144 and MaxtorCoder#2831 for any more questions contact us here
Discord Link
(Make sure to provide examples if you apply!)

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Idea might be nice, but I think it is a waste of time if you don't have experienced people who can communicate and achieve some at least minor succes, I once participated myself in one project and after some time it ended because of lack of communication. You may want to start with something much lesser and see if it works then you can expand. But Idon't know this is just my oppinion :D

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