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AzerothCore - Module - Better Item Reloading


BetterItemReloading is a C++ Azerothcore module which allows to reload items on the server side and as much as possible on the client side of WoW 3.3.5.

Sadly some things are cached on the client which can't be properly invalidated and need DBC file changes.
The following things must be changed in DBC files: 


Multiple items can be reloaded by splitting each entry id with a space like: .breload item 12345 23456 34567 

Download link:

How to install?

This module only works for AzerothCore.
Check the module page for the explanation, but it's very easy to do and works the same for all the modules.

Me and a german chocolate company because i ate some chocolate while developing it.
I share this module with you because we support each other in the AzerothCore community.

How to thank us?

The answer is simple: contribute! You can help by making new modules, fixing or improving other modules, converting fixes from TC to AzerothCore, fixing our own issues, spreading the word (by talking about it, making tutorials or releasing stuff), donating, testing our pull requests or identifying issues etc...
Contributors will receive better support and tips.


What is AzerothCore?

Click here for an (incomplete) overview of AzerothCore's advantages. And have a look at the wiki.

Join us!

Join our discord and post on our forum! - The main place to talk, come !

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