My Portfolio [Bardh]

Hello modders, I'm Bardh. I've been part of wow modding for more than 4 years now. My work here has always involved level design or creating custom maps and sometimes editing the existing ones. I think many of you know my work but for anyone who doesn't or is interested in hiring me for their projects this would be a good guide to show what I can do.

I have participated in some projects but also made some maps for my own.Below I'll give you some examples. Also, the pics on these albums are not sorted or something like this, so it'll just show you the most recent uploaded photos.

1. Haradon - One of my main projects, it currently has 5 zones. It it a custom continent and I've always tried to give it a more realistic apperance, especially when it comes to the terrain.

2.Tales of Time - Another project I've worked on, not mine. Here I revamped all the Barrens into a twilight hammer-like zone. It has many zones actually, like 12 or 13. You can check them at the pics.

3.Abyss - This is a project about a RP server called Abyss Outland-RP, in this project I revamped the main zones in Hellfire Peninsula but also created 2 new zones.I revamped Honor Hold, Thrallmar, Telhamat and Falcon Watch.

4.Hidden Town - A small map made by me just for fun. It is a very good map for rp-ing in my opinion.

5. Another map made by my own. I didn't post the images in the gallery unfortunately but here's the link to the post.

I also have two videos showing two of my Haradon projects zones.

I've done a few other maps but these are the most important I think. If you want to hire me in your project for creating or editing maps then you can contact me on Skype(nazgard.96), Discord(Bardh#5944) or pm me here or in modcraft. For any other details we'll talk personally.


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