Looking for a python developer (M2 / WMO editor)



Hello. As some of you may know, for quite a while I've been working on the first actual editor for M2 / WMO models for WoW. The project began about a year ago as a fork of happyhack's Blender addon for WMOs. Over time by my own efforts and with the help of some people, I was able to create a full featured (despite a couple of things, that yet have to be implemented) WMO editor. Now I am working on the M2 part of the project. Since there are a lot more tools that I want to develop, I am looking for somebody who can help me with development to finish it faster.
The project is written in Python 3.5.


- Python coding experience

- Ability to stick to project's architecture

- Ability to stick to given code style (I use regular python standard PEP8 with a few minor additions to naming conventions)

Project goals:

- Full-featured editing of WMO / M2.

- Rudimentary editing of ADT.

- Support for multiple WoW versions.

- Editor for client DBs related to M2 / WMO (AreaTable, NPC stuff, etc).

The majority of the boring stuff, such as file parsing is arleady implemented. Import for M2 is implemented, except for particles. 

Last but not least, donations that the project is going to receive in the future are going to be shared proportionally, even though the work is mostly volunteer. The project's aim is not money income, but the creation of the first proper editing toolkit for WoW files, as well as the Swiss Army Knife tool for machinima artists.


If you are interested, feel free to contact me here, on my Discord (Skarn#2018) or elsewhere.


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