Problems with swapping Humans to old Goblins

After renaming all Goblin .blp's, .anim's and .m2's to Human and changing the models of the latter to 831 & 832 (the Goblin male and female models) in CreatureDisplayInfo.dbc, it turns out everything works fine except their heads, which as seen in the pictures below, are either black or are using the texture of another race.

How do textures in World of Warcraft become black and how could I fix this particular error?





PS: My patch:


EDIT: I have also tried swapping Forest and Ice Trolls with some other default races and they all work just fine. Upon further research, I've noticed their texture files seem to include both "FaceLower" and "FaceUpper", which the Goblins do not have. And that simply implies the Trolls do have faces whereas the Goblins do not, hence why they appear this way in-game. To resolve the issue now, I would require the Goblin faces, but there are absolutely none to begin with. Everything to do with the Goblins can only ever be found in Common.MPQ and Common2.MPQ, yet none of that comes with their faces.

Where could I obtain them from?

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Goblins before cata have no faces. So you cant find them. What we see here are the faces of the races that u switch. This explaine also the missing head parts on some . Wow still think it use the old model and make something invisible that should be invisible on the old.

You could now edit the charsection.dbc or make alot of new blp´s or you edit the model that there is just one hardcoded texture.


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That is indeed the conclusion I too have come to. However, isn't CharSection.dbc a server-side file? Messing with that would probably make it impossible for me to play on any private server using aforementioned race. 

As for creating BLPs, I have also tried that, but you can see the end result here:

In regards to your last suggestion. Since I have never done anything of the sort before, could you help me out with a couple of pointers for beginners?

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You also need the correct blp format (palettized , no alpha) and the upper part of the face.

Lower normal format 256*128           in your case it should be 128*64

Upper normal format 256*64             in your case it should be 128*32

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