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.M2 model animations

Hello !

How does one change the animations for blood elfs with the 7.3.5 .m2 models  if the following structure is missing: 

struct sAnimations _Animations

apparently its empty for some reason, but i dont think the template is a problem since it works for humans and orcs.

Anyone knows how to fix this or another way to change those specific animations ? 

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4 hours ago, wungasaurus said:

animations are in .skel for those models. 

right, i remember reading about those when 7.3.5 came out... I think i even got the template. 

However, i cant seem to find them in casc in the character files. Am I looking in the wrong directory ?

Edit: Nvm, i found it. 

Turns out my Listfile.txt was just outdated... i got myself the latest one from github


Edit again:

the .skel template doesnt seem work for some reason... getting the following error all the time:

*ERROR Line 715: Variable '_begin' is not a member of the structure.   

do i have to edit something special before i can use the template like with the .m2 ones and the md21 chunk ?

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