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Adding a tail to the human model

Hello together :)

I am new in these Forums because I search for help and maybe I find it here.

I want to add to the human model a tail. I used the Draenei tail because it has it own bones already. But if I want to import it from m2i to m2 with the m2mod, I get the following error:


Does that mean, that it doesn't even work, to attach the draenei tail to the human model? And if so, how can I work around this?

Thanks in advance :)

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don't know if this is too late but you need to hex edit the skin files to allow for more geosets.

Basically leave the geoset as the same name as say the upper body in blender but put 001 or something after it then try and convert.
After that put it in 010 editor and edit the skin files to change the value of the geoset to a new geoset id.

If you need help message me

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