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Jungle Theme Build Battle, [Winner]Poisonleaf Vs Sphynx

Jungle Theme Build Battle, Poisonleaf Vs Sphynx  

19 members have voted

  1. 1. Who won? Who's Next, You decide!

    • Poisonleaf
    • Sphynx


The time is now to vote for the winner!
As we are awaiting for Skarn our official judge to make his report, The community can also vote on who thing made the best zones.
If you havn't followed the story & has been living under a rock let me break it down for you.

Poisonleaf & Sphynx have been going head to head in a five hour stream to create the best looking Jungle themed zone.
The rules we're simple with as mean subject to have atleast one ADT of play-able area.
It is however needless to say that we did not finish the map in five hours but we're able to select atleast one sreenshot for your judgement.

Voting will end Friday 20th of July. at 21:00 GMT+2

Personally I would like thank everyone who tuned in and made this evening to be unforgettable.
It would not have been the same without you all.
You guys were awesome!

Below you can watch the VoD's if you want to relive the amazing evening.

Poisonleaf's Side
Sphynx's Side

May the odds be ever in our favor.








Thanks for everyone for your vote.
The winner from this contest is Poisonleaf!



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Both of you should have activated ground effects. I think that would have tickled a bit more out of it. But in both cases - Really good work.
It's really hard to vote for someone. Poisonleaf's area fits way better to the given theme, but Sphynx area looks like an area that i really would like to play. Since these areas are for a game, i'll vote for Sphynx even though i'm in #TeamPoisonleaf #TeamWeeb #TeamWaterfall.

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