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Path for Uldir Boss Sound Files


I'm looking for find sound of Uldir Boss in my native language (French), but i only found them in english actually on YouTube..

I try wih a CascExplorer but i cant find Taloc or any other boss in the sound Category in the files.

If anyone can be kind w me and explain me how / where i can find these sounds in french language i'll be very gratefull. 

I already tried wowhead database sound but i only found boss sounds like when they take a hit or when they hit but not the sentence like in this video :

Any help would be welcome.. Thanks a lot !

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Sorry it look like i dont explain it correctly :(

What i'm looking for  is  the correct path  for the .ogg files for the sentence of the boss, i need to extract them myself in CasCexplorer but couldnt find the files  :S


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