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Player cursor on Worldmap

Hey there! Recently I started a project on TBC (2.4.3 rev.).
When you enter in a dungeon on TBC and you press "m" your character don't appear on the world map and you don't have the map of the instance like in The Lich King of newer expansion.
My goal is to add the dungeon map so the player will know where he is.
I succesfully added my Worldmap, when I press "m" I have the good worldmap, I took for instance the Sunwell raid as you can see :WoWScrnShot_092018_153930.thumb.jpg.277f

But the thing is I don't know how to fill the positions needed in the DBC Worldmaparea, the positions are requiered to tell to the client : your player is here so you are here on the map" like here :


I only found this information Map border coords.

If anybody knows, feel free to send a PM ! :)



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