This adds Warlords of Draenor character models to the game.

Includes TBC character models
Includes NPCs
Includes all hairstyles, facial features, knicker geosets? Yup
Includes Legion/BfA helmets and shoulder armor models
Includes capes with working transparency. It's a thing



Also includes better faces; I've re-mapped every face to make more efficient use of the limited space by off-loading things like ears and teeth to "extra" textures.  Here's a little before-and-after comparison picture:



Optional Boneless Undead patch:

Not exactly the Chinese censored version of the Undead models, instead these are hybrid models with custom un-ripped capes and a full set of facial features.
Included in download



Download for Classic (v1.12.1)  my updated version with better faces coming soon

Download for Burning Crusade (v2.4.3) updated version with the better faces coming soon

Download for Wrath of the Lich King (v3.3.5a)


Known issues:
Sheath/unsheath emote doesn't work on some models (CL, BC only)
Face-type geometry morphing, or whatever it's called, isn't implemented

[update 11-12-2017] Corrected Undead Female model (initially uploaded wrong version which had transparent fingers and no eye-glow effect)
[update 11-13-2017] Cone of Cold hack fix added; TBC character emote sounds added
[update 12-02-2017] Fix to stuttering Framerate issue
[update 10-11-2018] Fixed "Dragonmaw Foreman" npc texture
[update 12-27-2018] Added WotLK version with many improvements (i.e. improved facial textures, helmets/shoulders, etc.)

[update 12-29-2018] Improved Wrathful Gladiator's Chain Helm positioning for Blood Elves. Included Optional Boneless Undead patch with download.
[update 12-30-2018] Fixed some helms/shoulders that were rendering too dark. Adjusted Blood Elf Males' held weapon positions.
[update 01-01-2019] Adjusted Blood Elf Male mounted sitting position, fixed opacity issue in Blood Elf Female glove and boot cuff geosets, modified HelmetGeosetVisData.dbc to prevent a few helmets from hiding Undead facial features
[update 01-07-2019] Fixed fishing animations for BEM, GnM, GnF, OrM, TaF

[update 01-07-2019] Added Gnome Female bulky boot geoset


And now for a bunch of images from the comments section because the site automatically adds them every time I edit this project:





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